Welcome to the National and Regional Resource Corridors Program!
It is our pleasure to welcome you to the National and Regional Resource Corridors Program (NRRCP) Website. This is the place to connect and engage with stakeholders committed to transforming the Afghanistan economy.

NRRCP is the flagship Afghan Government program focusing on taking advantage of the investments being made in the extractive sector, including supporting infrastructure, to develop the Afghanistan economy more broadly.

A ‘resource corridor’ is a sequence of actions to turn a large investment in the extractive sector into broader economic development and diversification in a specific geographic area.  Development Corridors (DCs) are well-known initiatives successfully employed in many countries, helping to develop the local economy by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by mining operations including opening landlocked countries to new world markets through access to ports and other trade highways.

Afghanistan is entering a period of transition away from external aid which has been driving the economy and which is roughly the same dollar amount as the country’s total GDP.  This very high level of aid is not sustainable at these levels after 2014. The coming slowdown in aid will exert a drag on the economy at a time when growth is vitally needed. The country will need to find new sources of growth to ensure this economic transition is successful. At this time when investment in the minerals sector is accelerating, the natural resources sector offers a window of opportunity around which Resource Corridors can emerge.

On this Website you can find a variety of information about Resource Corridors. This includes the Corridor’s main components, examples of Corridors in other countries, current progress in developing Corridors in Afghanistan and detailed information about the NRRCP Program itself.

The Site also introduces you to the range of partner organizations – including from Government, the private sector, civil society, the local community and Development Partners – each of which has key roles to play in ensuring that Resource Corridors will emerge in Afghanistan.

Here to coordinate the involvement of this broad range of stakeholders is the NRRCP Secretariat, which is the custodian of this Website. Since Resource Corridors will be the foundation for the transformation of the Afghanistan economy, we encourage you to stay in touch with them about this critically important subject.